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New MainStage Layout and Gig Setup for New MBP


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I borrowed some inspiration from @Adam Burgess :)


Every button or knob are mapped to my Arturia Keylab 61 Black Edition

The RD-88 is also serving as my Audio i/o   (very cool feature, as the Mainstage sounds play thru the built in speakers of the RD)


So far so good.  I setup an endless arpeggio layering some Apple sounds and a couple Arturia synths, and let it play overnight.   Got up the morning and it was still playing.  No disconnects, no heat warnings.  Max CPU at 23%


Here's what the layout looks like.  Very simple and to the point.   Pretty self explanatory

Top section: Track progress indicator and start/stop button

Clock, CPU meter and visual %, midi data coming in, midi input indicator and panic button


Middle: Organ controls, Setlist, previous and Next buttons, knob to quickly scroll thru list, knobs that will be ADSR, Chorus, and Master Volume

Bottom: Keys, Volume Meter, Keys the yellow foot switch by the Keylab launches any fly in tracks during a song.  I have 3 ways to launch: on screen button, iPad, Footswitch


It's currently playing our "walk on" track that I trigger off stage from my iPad



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Gig Rig:Roland Fantom-08| Yamaha MODX+ 6 | MacBook Pro 14" M1| Mainstage






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30 minutes ago, ElmerJFudd said:

Thoughts on the key lab 61?  Good enough for the job, or glowing review? 

RD88 has won you over the PX-5S?  

My Arturia Keylab 61, the the MK1 Black Edition.  Have had it since it came out.  It's the second generation where they fixed the keybed.    It is rock solid with it's metal case, full sized keys, and the smoothest aftertouch keys I've played.  Very smooth from 0 to 127 when engaging aftertouch.  I also really like the endless knobs, and the way the Arturia Midi Control Software lets me setup all manner of scenes, and load two of them at a time, if desired, into the board.  I can select them from the board itself.


I love my PX-5S.   The RD wins in this case due to I am layering some of it's sound in on certain patches, and it is my audio interface.   About as simple a setup as their is.  No need to run audio cable to a separate interface, no rack to lug around.    Also, as mentioned above, just for tooling around and making sure everything is working, I can turn on the RD-88's speakers, and everything plays thru them as well.  Theyt're fairly robust, so even though I won't hear them on stage, they  give me that slight vibration of playing a real piano.


10 minutes ago, ABECK said:

I'm curious - assuming you have drawbars mapped to your Keylab - why would you need onscreen real-estate for that? 


I could very easily setup a layout with very minimal items.I just like to have a visual representation on what is happening if something gets wonky.  For example if I notice that moving the drawrs is not affecting the tone, I can first see if their registering with the computer as I move them.

I also created those buttons to toggle thing like drive, vib/chorus, and will have one to essentially brake/stop the "Leslie", while the mod wheel still controls fast and slow.

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Gig Rig:Roland Fantom-08| Yamaha MODX+ 6 | MacBook Pro 14" M1| Mainstage






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David I want to buy the Arturia key lab 61 Mkii, but i think that they will be release the new model in the near future...

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