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Sweetwater's Gearfest appears to be back on!


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Friday, JUne 24th and Saturday, June 25th are the dates for the 2022 Gearfest at Sweetwater headquarters in delightful Fort Wayne, Indiana (where I was just at this past weekend).  Gearfest 2019 was really great.  I met Michael Sweet from Stryper, and his lovely wife.  While looking at some stuff, I turned around and was arms reach away from Steve Vai.  I said "Hi Steve".  When I walked into the Fender tent, there was Eric Johnson playing just a few feet away.  And when my longtime friend Bill Blatter from ISP let me play a Strat through an ISP Theta multi-effects pedal, nobody yelled "You suck!"  So, assuming that nothing bad happens to me in the next three months, I plan on going there again, only this time I'm going to practice playing a lot in the weeks before the event, just in case I have to play in front of a bunch of music critics.  If any of you are planning on going, let me know.

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I would love to go to this but it's not in the cards this year. 

The scary part would be being there, I'd want to cut my credit card into small pieces a couple of weeks before I went, it's finally down to zero. 


I used to live in Fresno CA and drove down to the NAMM show 3 times decades ago. This isn't quite the same thing, probably more fun in many ways since they have so many demo shows. They had a good share of those at NAMM too and heavy hitters like Yamaha would throw insane parties in the evening if you knew where to look. 


The interesting part about NAMM was the weirdos who would rent a booth and show their insane creations. And, at the end of the show you could walk around and offer stupid prices for gear that people didn't feel like packing up and shipping home. A friend got a 12 string Sierra pedal steel guitar with the E9-C6 lever for $600 once. Brand new demo model, expensive even back then. 


Have fun!!! And let us know how it was. One of these days...

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