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Languages/Translations for MPN

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The Spanish translation misses: Store and Support in the top row.


Articles, Downloads, Gallery are all still in English. The rest of that row is translated. The rest of it looks good to my gringo eyes (though I don't speak Spanish nearly fluently enough).


Maybe add French and Brazilian Portuguese to the packs? I know we have a few members who speak those languages.

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I usually don’t log in when I check the forum. While I appreciate the added functionality of additional languages, the fact that the language setting defaults to whatever the last language in the list is (was Italian, is now Spanish) means that I have to reset back to English every time I check in. I might be wrong, but I assume that English is the primary language for the majority of members. Could you keep English at the bottom of the list so that it is the default? 

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Dave, Brazilian here as a lot of people know.  Honestly, I never use these features - years of using the English language and having lived the US just makes it more confusing to switch languages like this, having functions and commands in two languages.  I've always configured IT (Windows, Microsoft Office, my iOS apps that are international, and so forth) in English.  But I'm probably not a reference.   


So to try to give a different perspective - I have musician friends in Brazil who speak very little to no English (and I participate in a Brazilian "Keys chat" in Portuguese), and I would say the issue is the topics themselves being in English which would prevent them from contributing, and not the site functions themselves.   The site translation function in chrome is pretty decent too. 


What David said is correct, and there are few others as well at different places in the page.  I can pin point specifically the problems if it helps. 



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Add Japanese, Chinese and Indian?


Those are significant populations and musical people. 

I can barely speak English, mostly. I did learn a bit of Spanish in Fresno but most of it would not be useful to any sane human, alas. 

It took a chunk of my life to get here and I am still not sure where "here" is.
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The ones I added were free.  There are. few others that’s are paid - maybe better versions, not sure.  


There is no French, paid or free.  There is free Polish, Norwegian and Thai.



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On 3/23/2022 at 3:57 PM, Dave Bryce said:

I added a couple of language packs - Italian, German and Spanish.  They can be toggled at the bottom of the page right by CONTACT US and the THEMES.






Since today morning, language packs don´t work correctly anymore.

Win10 Pro x64, Mozilla Firefox.


When I´m not logged in,- sign in/ot area, topic´s subtitles, authors of posts and more appears in spanish by default.

When I try to sign up I get the message "Ooops, something went wrong. Existing user ? try again".

Once I signed up from there, I got the dark theme I previously selected AND all is back in english.


Happens again and again when I return after I signed out, closed Firefox and re-launched.

When I signed up,- at the bottom of the site, default language is "english US" by default and as it should.

When visiting w/o signing up, default langaue is set to "spanish"







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