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OT: Will the real Dave Brice please stand up.

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So my cell rings at 8AM CST, 6 West Coast, and it says it's Dave Brice??  I wonder what he wants so early in the morning, but when I answer, the voice says "It's Scott from McBride Electric.  Can I come by early"?  I'm having some work done and he was calling to bid the job, but I'm confused as to why my iPhone says it's Dave Brice calling???

Dude, calls me 3 more times, and each time, the caller ID says Dave Brice. 😮

He arrives, looks at the job and says he'll text me the bid, so I want to check to be sure it's his number and not DBs showing up on my phone.  I tell him how every time he calls, another contact shows, and I show him.  

My new electrician....David Scott Brice! 😀



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Looks like the programming team decided name recognition is more important than the possibility that we might have contact with more than one person with the same name. At least it seems to be reading first and last names. That increases the chances of it being the same person. On the other hand the spelling is different. I wonder whether this can be fine tuned in preferences similar to choosing levels of security.



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