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Genos & Cubase 12 integration

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I have not seen a solid video of Genos and Cubase 12 on youtube. If you create a saved USB of s multi midi recording and import it (via USB stick) to Cubase everything works. The problem is when you add a midi track in Cubase such as a sax section that when you play it back the piano plays its part as a sax section. Is there a way to isolate these midi tracks in Cubase or does the entire 16 track arrangement have to be created first in GENOS then imported in to Cubase?

Your response is greatly appreciated..

Alan Russell

Pro Arranger since 1968

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Hi, Alan.  I don't own the Genos.   But I have spent time in Cubase over the years.  Is there a way on the Genos to export your arrangement as audio, or even better - individual audio stems so that you can just import them into Cubase for mixing/editing?  


Imported MIDI tracks in Cubase can be routed to any VST in your instrument rack.  If the MIDI file doesn't have any data about what instrument it is intended for, Cubase may by default assign it to an instance of Halion or something with a Piano loaded.   You can change this by opening the instrument VST and selecting a different sound from the included library.



Yamaha CP88, Roland VR-700, Crumar Mojo, rebuilt 1910 Chickering 5'2", Fender Rhodes MKI 88k, Casio PX-560

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Well, that is the ultimate step after a polished lead vocal and very tight brass, woodwinds Strings and percussion tracks to do an Audio mix down to a wav file or if the client wants to listen to the arrangement without the lead voice, you can just mute it prior to your mix down - (Vocal audio track) and create an MP3 file to send he/she an EMAIL.  

Most single vocalists prefer it that way.   A transposition request is possible but not too far away from the original root key arrangement.  The most is 1 1/2 steps up or down.

Please look for my revisions, this study is subject to change daily.


Alan Russell 

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