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New Cab Day leads to new Amp Head Day


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I think I've mentioned here in the past that I'm pals with the guys who build Komet amps and help them out with design work from time to time, and I've just taken trade outs for repairs to guitars and amps as payment... I did some artwork for their new amp and then had to help them out of a bind with what amounted to engineering CAD work for the panels (good thing we had to take engineering graphics in college as part of the design program). I also play guitar in a band with one of the partners and have done a couple of CD covers for him in the past and wouldn't think of taking money from him for that... so they decided to give me one of their AmbiKabs as cumulative payment. It's a cabinet that is a compact wet/dry/wet rig... your amp head powers two 12" speakers, the cab has a power amp built into it that then sends out a line to effects and accepts a stereo return that goes to two 10" speakers. So, rather than the guitar amp overdriving and distorting your time-based and modulation effects, you're delaying and modulating the overdriven or distorted sound of the amp, and in stereo! I've been a "two amps" guy when I could be for quite a while, and sometimes ran that as a dry+wet set up and got some amazing sounds that way... so this is awesome. I also have an HX Stomp that I under-utilize, so it's now pressed into service as a stereo effects unit (and it has tons of effects in it)...

But what amp to plug into it? My AC30 head is currently in a friend's studio and getting lots of use on a new album he's in the middle of making... I have a Sovtek Midget Mig 50 that I like but I have to boycott it because it's Russian at the moment (SLAVA UKRAINI!!!)... well, I love that amp but it's a little too high gain for the acts I play in these days. I plugged a couple of my little Supro combos into it, and that was cool, but... an excuse to buy another amp? I would never take that, right? Someday I will get a Komet amp, but for now I couldn't ju$tify that to myself with a kiddo and the expenses of life to worry about , but I happened upon a Morgan RCA35 for cheaper than it should've been and pulled the trigger (this was a few days before the catalytic converters started getting stolen from our cars, or I wouldn't have bought it). It's a little more in Fender higher headroom land than most of the Morgan amps that are like the useful and practical midpoint between AC15s and AC30s, but gets to edge of breakup land which is where I like to live and gets along with my Crowther Hotcakes, that overdrive the preamp tubes, so I'm very happy. Now to figure out which venues will give me 3 mics when I play!?!



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