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Played a Yamaha CF6 yesterday....

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At Keyboard Concepts in Santa Monica. An outstanding and inspiring piano in every way. One of the nicest 7'ers I've ever played.


I had just left Pierre's  Fine Pianos a few miles away and had played a Fazioli 212 he sold to the Uber guy founder and was holding until his recording studio is finished being built. He just got it in and it highly need a tuning. It was super nice as well but I actually preferred the Yamaha.


I used to own the predecessor to the CF6, the S6, from 1997 to 2006. Then sold it to help fund the Steinway. This latest generation, that's probably been out at least 10 years now,  has a richer, deeper resonance and an overall more refined sound. The touch has a magical feeling. It responds to your every nuance and the tone is as clear as a bell. I was quite taken with it.


They'll give me full trade in value on what I paid for the AG N3X last year. I love the AG, it's gotten a ton of use in the last year, more then I actually thought it would but to state the obvious-- it ain't a piano.


It would sound like the voice of god in our living room and fit nicely along the wall, not being too overwhelming for the space. I actually prefer the acoustics in there to my studio.


Highly lobbying...to be continued, hopefully. 😄

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2005 NY Steinway D

Yamaha AvantGrand N3X, P-515





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 When I was browsing for a grand, I played a new CF4 and was taken similarly by your comments about the expressiveness.  

I ended up buying a C7D and jokingly asked if they could regulate it to play more like the CF4.   What a laugh I got out of them.


Someday, I'd love up upgrade to a CF.

J a z z P i a n o 8 8


Yamaha C7D

Montage8 | CP300 | SK1-73 | OB-6

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