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Gear pics?

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Hi, my name's Dave and I'm a synthoholic. 🥳 🎹


My humble toy room.


Room 1.jpg



Room 2.jpg




Yes, there is a separate small PA in the back of the room so I can turn on and blast the keys without hurting my studio monitors. :rocker:




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Oh yes, the JP-X is MASSIVE!!  Not installed the JD800 expansion as yet. Will do soon though.  Just waiting for my new MC-707 to arrive.

Yeah, love vinyl man.  Robbie has quite the extensive collection compared to mine.... well.... everyone. lol.

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So, everything's a bit messy around here but here's some pics of my "workspace", not including the garage/workshop where there are currently three Series III Fairlight CMI's in various states of repair, along with a bunch of Akai and Arturia controllers that are currently not in use...


The lower half of the (mostly) DX stand... 




The upper half...




Sadly, some stuff (Yamaha CE25) gets stuck in the corner 😞


The (mostly) samplers and modellers stand, with some random stuff thrown in gaps!




I know, I know... I need a proper rack...



The retro computer shelf with more random stuff squeezed in, and other rack gear... (The Roland VS880EX, which is barely visible, is ex-SARM West)




Where the 'magic' happens. This desk is where I do my day job and also host the PSN show from...




My beloved KX88, strewn with tabletop synths and crowned by the magnificent Polybrute (2nd EMAX II stashed in the corner, floor-based QX1 soon going in the stands)




And this beast won't fit in my room so resides downstairs for now...





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Rob Puricelli

Music Technologist, Writer, Podcaster, Instructional Designer


Failed Muso

Sound On Sound
Pro Synth Network


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Not what y'all want to see but so much simpler to manage and I'm never limited by having only 47 Korg Waveslaves on the wall as I can just add another anything. Not to mention total recall tomorrow, next week...



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1 hour ago, Dave Bryce said:


Wow!  What an unusual space - very cool.  Two Origins?



Three including the Desktop unit on top of the modular rack. Guilty pleasure thing. Now I can edit/control over midi using a Reason Combinator I don't even need to worry about encoders failing. 🤞

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3 hours ago, Failed Muso said:


 check out the impOSCar2 controller!! Kent would be proud 🙂

that's what I was noticing. Couldn't quite make out what it was, aside from the large "OSC2" bottom center. :2thu:

impOSCar2 is at the top of my list of all time fav synth VST's

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Here is where I produce my Uncle Chrome videos. The Wharfedale were purchased yesterday and just installed for testing and comparison, but my venerable a/d/s L1230s wait paitently for the children to play! Racks of keyboards and big consoles in a fancy desk elsewhere in the house, but all my recent works center around performing VCV-Rack patches, so here I sit. Wireless keyboard and mouse complete the production space.


- Paul "Uncle Chrome" Artola



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This is my little oasis. Within arms reach is a full bass rig, a guitar rig, an acoustic/electronic drum kit, and of course, my synths and modular stuff. 

It’s all powered by an M1 Mac Mini running Reason, Live, Arturia V, and Komplete Kollection. All audio goes through a Presonus headless mixer…that took some getting used to.

Synths and samplers actually in this room:

Korg Triton Pro X

Yamaha MoDX

Arturia Micro Freak

Roland SE02

Roland Integra

Waldorf Pulse

Waldorf Micro Q

Akai S5000

Behringer 2600

Roland System 1m

and my Eurorack money pit.


Everything else has been removed from the room. 

I would definitely be GASsing for more synths, but I literally am out of room.


oh, and I added the lit trees when I started Twitch streaming.


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"For instance" is not proof.


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Somebody has to do this so I guess it's me. 😇

Water damage at my condo, the kitchen has been torn out, the flooring is gone and half the sheet rock. 

The water is turned off, I can't live there. Good friends have a vacant home nearby, nice place, nice area. 

I am "camping" here. They moved to a smaller place by the water and left all sorts of stuffs. 


Thursday I had hernia surgery so I'm kinda "home bound" for a bit. 


I brought a fragment of my home studio, including a CME X-Key. I have lots of soft synths ITB. 

The room sounds good, I'm recording here because I want to record right now. I've got some simple parts to synth-out on. 

I'm not a pro keyboardist, nobody in their right mind would hire me for that. I do have about 45 years of gigging behind me and probably more to come. 

Guitar and bass, we need those too. 😃



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It took a chunk of my life to get here and I am still not sure where "here" is.
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