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Hey, can you guys start making more interesting topics, yours are all really boring

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Hey, first post for the OP!

Interesting posts?  How about:

Suggested dinner wines while practicing scales?

Snarky patch names of sound design?

30 ways to serenade your lover while looking at new gear reviews?

Tasty effeminate pastel colors for the studio atmosphere?

Suitable bondage accessories for family members and/or roommates enduring the torture of listening to the same takes over and over and over?

Spelling contest for odd module or maker names?

Best tabletop synth module for a doorstop?

Best tabletop synth module to prop under the legs of that unlevel table?

Best "X" keyboard stand for cooking hot dogs over a campfire?

Best Yamaha CS polysynth for free weight training?  CS-50?  CS-60?  CS-80?

Best keyboard combo amp to build drum risers?

How to grimace and do windmills on piano like guitar players?

Is this the right room for an argument?

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How do I make Hanon finger exercises exciting for nearly-catatonic family members?

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'Someday, we'll look back on these days and laugh; likely a maniacal laugh from our padded cells, but a laugh nonetheless' - Mr. Boffo.


We need a barfing cat emoticon!








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4 hours ago, The Real MC said:

 Hey, first post for the OP!

  > Snarky patch names of sound design?


I had a friend who was a Yamaha hound. He created a massive, splattering, opening SY77 chord creature he named FthEffinF. 🤔😀 

Let him take his dissonance like a man.
     ~ Charles Ives, avant-garde composer
         & father of modern insurance,
          referring to a detractor

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I’ve given up on posting about my knowledge about jazz improvisation theory on this forum. 

Harry Likas was the Technical Editor of Mark Levine's "The Jazz Theory Book" and also helped develop "The Jazz Piano Book." 

Harry teaches jazz piano online using Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, or Google Meet.


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I don’t love the brussels sprouts. they usually are not particularly palatable raw, steamed, or roasted.  however, if having to choose, I have had brussels sprouts that were tasty - no I take that back - that didn’t taste like much because they were roasted to perfection. and that is about all I have to say about the brussel sprouts. thank you, OP, for a topic that is truly exciting. 


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Yamaha CP88, Roland VR-700, Crumar Mojo, rebuilt 1910 Chickering 5'2", Fender Rhodes MKI 88k, Casio PX-560

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10 hours ago, nadroj said:

I don’t know what you’re talking about. I had to go skydiving to calm myself down after I read the first reports here about the YC61 1.2 update. 


YC61 had an update??


victoria bc

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