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RC Airplane Enthusiasts?

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holy crap! is that legal?

"You look hopefully for an idea and then you're humble when you find it and you wish your skills were better. To have even a half-baked touch of creativity is an honor."

-- Ernie Stires, composer

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BTW Botch, they've had real jets for a while now... not just the ducted fans.




I got into RC aircraft when I was in Jr Hi - we lived in the hills and we used to build simple two channel RC sailplanes and fly them off the nearby hilltops. I'd be too afraid to fly a bird like the one in that link - I'd be too worried about doing something stupid pranging it. That '52 must have cost a small fortune to build... not to mention the hours involved.

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That was awesome, GY.


I use to fly RC gliders. Its pretty cool to get one in a thermal and fly around with the buzzards.


Feeling the need for speed, I built a gas-powered plane. A friend was going to teach me how to fly it, but never did. I finally decided to teach myself. After all, how hard could it be if you already know how to fly gliders?


I took the plane to a vacant field and went for it. The take-off was a little shaky. Turning was a little more complicated, especially since I was use to the slow pace of a glider. After two circuits around the field, things were getting a little out of control.


I knew landing was going to be the difficult part. The plane came in much too fast, in fact it was screaming (or maybe that was me). I ended up having to dive for cover as the plane crashed right where I was standing. It broke into a hundred pieces.

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I am by no means an R/C guy, but my dad, who passed away in late May at 78, was a lifelong enthusiast. He designed and built his own original and model planes, often publishing his designs in the trade mags (and naming them after me when I was young!), and for many years he was head of scale judging at the annual national comepetition in Rhinebeck, NY, a well attended 3-day event hosted by the R/C club in which my dad was an officer.


When he died he was suffering from late stage alzheimers, but when he did manage to fashion a coherent thought, it often had to do with modeling (or Bach). It was deep in him. It took the heart out of him when he couldn't do it anymore.


So here's to R/C. I've been around it all my life. When I was seven, a grown man tackled me so that I wouldn't be hit in the head by a crashing plane...

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Originally posted by Philip O'Keefe:

Originally posted by WFTurner:

I wonder if anyones done what Tim Conway done last night on Yes Dear with an RC for real? It was a rerun. I've wondered that twice.





Can you fill us in? I missed that.

In typical Tim Conway fashion, when handed the control and galking at the control he looks up just in time to see the plane dive into his balls.

The look on his face was typical Conway genious.


The son asks him if he wants more ice for an ice bag he's holding on well.. his bag. He say's no but they're gonna hurt when they thaw.


Silly stuff. TV has been bad this summer. This was a highlight.

William F. Turner




Sometimes the truth is rude...

tough shit... get used to it.

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