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Having a ton of fun "getting my Vangelis on"


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I'm in "Blade Runner" heaven using this free softsynth that has been out for a few years now, but I never heard of it before.


Arminator 2 Softsynth (second synth in the list)


For CS80 emulations, I used to have Arturia CS-80V, and I tried another payware emulation called the Memorymoon ME-80. But this Arminator softsynth, although it's not strictly the CS-80 architecture, it is very closely based upon it (or "inspired by it", as the softsynth developer says), with a few other features the CS-80 didn't have.


Even if it's not strictly the CS-80 architecture, it is free, and contains up to 4 free banks of sounds that beat the hell out of the presets in the CS-80V and the ME-80.


I can't stop playing this thing! I'm about ready to create my own "Blade Runner" soundtrack!


Just thought I'd let y'all know about this little gem. It's only available as Win 32 bit (which my old DAW still is), but it can be used in a 64 bit system by using J-Bridge or whatever that thing is that lets you run old 32 bit VSTs in a 64 bit system.


Here's an example of what this thing could do, made by another fan of the softsynth. Nice video images to go along with it, too.



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@JamPro -


if you can't get it to work the other one the OP mentioned from Memorymoon is relatively inexpensive, is 64 bit, and responds to aftertouch. Also has no cost demo, try before you buy.


Not affiliated in any way, just happened to download the demo earlier this week and like it for the $. YMMV

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