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Advice needed on adding ins with a MOTU 2408

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I currently use a 2408mkII w/DP on a G4 450 dual as my recording system. No hardware mixer. I'd like to have enough ins for all my current sound modules, which would be 18 ins, and plus a few extra for future growth. 90% of what I do is MIDI based. I run the synths through the 2408, eventually create audio tracks, and mix using plug-ins all in DP. I can get a MOTU 24i expansion for $450, giving me 32 analog ins and an integrated MOTU system. This seems like a strong solution. Another solution would be to break down and buy an 32x8 board (even a 4 bus Mackie would probably suit me fine) as the front end to feed the 8 ins on the 2408. Any other recommendations or suggestions? thanks
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Well . . . that Guitar Center $499 deal on the 24i is pretty unbeatable. If it's only ins you're lookng for that'd be the solution I'd be scurrying for, especially if price were a consideration. HOWEVER I was almost as concerned with outs for my system, as I think multing the outputs to a single pair on a DAW collapses things too much for my taste. Also with the board you have the mic pres. But without the board you don't have noise. Even with the board that won't give you 18 independent channels. You'd have to sub group. If I were you I'd grab that 24i and worry about the board later, especially if you already have enough outboard pres. Hmm . . .

All the best,


Henry Robinett

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