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Spider-Pro Stand from Thomann?


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I know some of you have bought gear from Thomann, and the posts have been overwhelmingly positive.  I'm seriously considering taking the plunge, but given the state of well, everything, it feels like a bit more of a gamble than usual.  Any encouragement or discouragement will be gratefully factored into my final decision. 


Also, while on the topic (yes, I posted to the classified ad section of this forum as well,) if any of you have a Spider-Pro stand you'd like to sell, please shoot me a message.



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Ironically I both own a Spider Pro and also recently ordered a different K&M stand from Thomann (for single-keyboard gigs, though I'm considering getting the 2nd tier.)

No problems at all.  The two things Thomann mentioned to me were prices above a certain amount if you are in the US (800 dollars was mentioned) will cause import tax; and that gear from China could be a customs issue.  K&M stands would be safe in that regard, at least as of a few months ago when I purchased.

Even with shipping the price was quite a bit lower than any other US store.  If had only been say 10% I probably would have bought from those stores, but it was more like 30-40% lower iirc, especially since I got a few add-ons to the stand that each were much cheaper but didn't increase the shipping cost much.

Obviously sending something back could be an issue, I'm not really sure about their return policies and costs.  My recent stand was a very simple design so I felt it was very low-risk.  In your case, I'd try out a Spider Pro if at all possible (if you haven't already).  Like all stands, it has pros and cons IMO.

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