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Recommend a free firewall that...

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Sygate is an excellent software firewall. It may or may not do what you want in it's free form but the full program may. In any case, it's worth a look.


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actually, take a peek at this.


You didn't say which firewall you have, nor does this go into much detail on what it means by "fully support ICS", but maybe it'll work good enough this way to where you don't have to blow any money on anything else :)

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I've had Sysgate Personal Firewall for almost two years and been very happy with it. I was shocked to see how many people were hammering on my computer when I first set it up. In addition to blocking attacks, I use it to block adware like Gator. The shareware software that requires Gator checks that it's running, not that it's actually getting out to the net to pull in ads.
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Thanks Dak,


Version 5.x is supposed to allow it.


phaeton: No, the free version won't but the Pro ($40) will.


Edit: I have the free version. It doesn't look like they sell a "plus" anymore.


Thomas: Tiny is still free but it's not very clear if it allows ICS. It says it's built on "ICSA technology" but it won't run properly with MS ICS installed. Not sure what to make of that.

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