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July 6, 1957: John Lennon, Paul McCartney meet

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As Paul McCartney tells it, the beginning came on a warm summer day in the small town of Woolton, England. The year was 1957. John Lennon, then 16 years old, was in the Liverpool suburb to play at a church picnic with his band, the Quarrymen.


Lennon arrived in the back of a pickup truck with his band mates, his hair in a short buzz-cut with a little flop of dark locks in front. He wore a checked shirt and carried an acoustic guitar.


In the audience a chubby faced 15-year-old named Paul McCartney, a stranger to Lennon even though both grew up only a few streets apart in their hometown of Liverpool, watched the Quarrymen perform.


McCartney was entranced by Lennon's rendition of the Dell Vikings' song "Come Go With Me," even though Lennon didn't know the words.


"Back then ... if you wanted the lyrics to a song you had to play it on the record and stop it, and then write it down, then play it again, then stop it," said Johnson. (In 1967, the Beatles would remedy this nuisance with the release of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," the first album in history to include song lyrics, according to Johnson.)


During a break from performing, a mutual friend introduced McCartney to Lennon and the band.


McCartney, who was well versed in popular music, impressed Lennon by teaching the band to play the Eddie Cochran song "Twenty Flight Rock." He also taught them the song lyrics to "Come Go With Me," which McCartney had studied mercilessly.


A few days later, Lennon, impressed with McCartney's musical abilities, invited him to join the Quarrymen.

There\'s plenty more to read in the article!


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I recall reading that the guy who introduced the two was named Ivan Vaughn. What if he talked Paul into doing something else on that day?

("Let's go get some fish 'n' chips, who needs to see some band at a church fete?")

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