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OT gig Spam: YCBs next gig

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Hi Guys

wasn't sure if i could add this here or on another board but as i have got to know so many of you here over the last weeks since joining the boards, i thought i would post this here incase some of you were intrested.


YCBs next gig date:


YCB and Support


1st Sept 2004


8pm till late


@The Battersea Barge

London SW8

The Barge


Tickets £10 in advance on a limited basis.


Contact: info@funkmanagementuk.com for details.


It would absolutely brilliant to meet forum members there and i promise, i'll buy you a drink to :thu:

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I would like nothing more than to pop in off the bricks and wash the dust away with a cool beverage and listen to some of your music while meeting you kittens and pups, yet I am wayyy over here in amererca and so I must be there in spirit only.

I went to your site and looked at your very intense pics. I felt as if I was intruding so I left as quietly as I could.

thank you veddy-much. how much? veddy-much.

Frank Ranklin and the Ranktones



FRANKIE RANKLIN (Stanky Franks) <<<

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Wish i could make the gig.......

maybe if you've lined some gigs up later in the year round bout December, might be able to catch them when i'm there..


I too start out with a Commerical act tomorrow nite. They play poolside on the 8th floor of a hotel, overlooking the streets and mean traffic of chennai..!!!!


All the best for your gig...

Vinay Vincent,

BASE Studios


"Live Jazz friday nights at The Zodiac Bar"

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Thank You Amando

Did I mention our music is about to featured on a documentary dvd about the Beastie Boys!!

Got the shout for it today and the Y-Chromo Boyz meeting the Beastie Boyz...well nuff said there I think but we're well chuffed :thu:

and also, if you go to our Sound Click link at the bottom of my signature, theres full downloads there so please enjoy because thats why we spend hours doing the stuff. :)

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