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I've seen a lot of criticisms here of the Behringer mixers, so I was wondering what you guys thought of the low end Alesis mixers, like the Alesis 6FX and 8FX. I'm not a pro, just looking for something to use for my humble web site recordings, but don't want a POS.
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I used to have a Studio32 (Mackie 1604 clone) in one of our offline video bays. We liked it for the flexibility in each channel. You could switch between mic & line without repatching. It was essentially a 32x4 mixer in a 16 channel design.


That said, the switches were finicky, the EQ's were worthless, and the preamps, mediocre. They made pretty good (and cheap) monitoring consoles, but I'd typically throw out any spot VO work recorded with it, and have them redo it in the audio booth.


No idea how they compare with Behringer, nor do I have any experience with any of their products since the Numark buyout a few years back. They certainly seem less semi-pro focussed and more consumer DJ oriented these days.


You can find a Mackie 1202 for under $100 on eBay. They don't have an onboard fx processor, but their preamps are great for the price and there are plenty of free DirectX reverbs out there that I'm confident would be as good or better than anything that came in an Alesis unit.


Best of luck.

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