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Advice about the mixing (and the song)

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Hello Giko,


I see you are fairly new here, welcome to MPN!!!! I've only got one opinion - mine so please don't take it too seriously. That said, this what I hear.


I listened on headphones (Sennheiser HD280 pro) and studio monitors (Mackie HR828) through a Presonus Quantum TB2 interface. Not top of the line gear but not the cheap stuff either.


It's tough to just discuss the mix so I'm glad you ask for more perspective. To be honest, I think both songs might benefit from different recording techniques, which is sort of "pre-mixing". It is more difficult or impossible (sometimes) to fix things after they are recorded.


I'm not sure what was available but I might have chosen a different mic for the singer, or a different way of using the mic. The tone of her voice is a little flat and doesn't come out as forward as I would like.

She has a nice voice and is a very good singer. I'd find a way to get a fuller, more mid-forward tone, probably bring her as close as possible without causing plosives or sibilance and use a high pass filter if her vocal became too bassy. Other microphones may have a more mid-forward tone that brings her voice to the front, that's worth trying but should be done before you start tracking. I spent a couple of hours finding the right mic for a recent project/singer. We are both glad now we spent the time, we found the best mics in my possession for her voice.


The left hand of the piano is filling up the mix to the point of distraction. I might record it separately from the right hand. The right hand sounds nice with the sustain pedal, although it might go good to release that in some parts of the arrangement and get a dryer sound. The left hand part should be simplified considerably and the sustain pedal off completely, especially when the bass and drums come in. It's too busy, too full and the sustain makes it overwhelming. I would put a high pass filter on the left hand as well, again especially when the bass and drums come in.


Addressing both of those things while recording would solve most of your mixing problems in my opinion. The vocals need to be more forward in the mix and the left piano hand is blurring the low frequencies.


If I was mixing with what you have above, I would back the piano down a bit, scoop out a place in the mids for the voice to rest and bring up the mids in my scooped area on the vocals. I would also reduce the bottom end on the piano when the bass and drums come in, considerably. The snare is a bit loud and not very "thick", not sure if anything could be done but I would try. I think all those things would help too.


Now, the songs. The arrangements need some work, to create more tension and release, calmer and more open, then dramatic, fierce and driving.

As they are not, I don't find them as engaging as they could be with some more work. Cheers, Kuru

It took a chunk of my life to get here and I am still not sure where "here" is.
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