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Organ Donor's Rabies Kills 3 Recipients

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Dude! Wonder how the guy got rabies? I will say, if you're bitten by any unknown animal...don't play the odds, go get the shots. They're not painful anymore. I know...I had the series about five years ago, after being bitten by a stray cat we'd adopted. The thing freaked when I was trying to get him in the car to take him to the vet (for routine stuff), bit me and ran off. Couldn't find the cat, so, I had to go to Truman Hospital in KC and get the shots. There are eight of 'em, the first one goes right at the site of the wound and another one given at the same time like a tetanus shot...then one a week later, another two weeks later, then three weeks, etc. But, they're not bad at all, and they don't give 'em in the stomach anymore. Just in the arm.
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