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OT: MLB 2021 thread!

OB Dave

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Who are you cheering for? How's your team doing?


The Padres have been really fun these past couple seasons. Started the year off with a bang, had two awful road trips and went into a bit of a funk. Now they're home for a little while and won the last two games which is doing wonders for team morale. I usually go to a couple games every season but I bought a 20-game pack this year (which is really only 12 games since California just opened back up). First game I attended was Thursday which ended with a walk-off home run against the Red. Apparently the roar from the stadium was audible for miles.


The Angels' Shohei Ohtani has been fun to watch, and thankfully we haven't had to face him yet this season. And if there's any Mets fans out there, I am in absolute awe of Jacob de Grom. I hope his shoulder gets better soon. I'm also glad we won't have to face him again in the regular season. Oooof.

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Hey Dave, the Padres are definitely worth paying attention to this year, as are Shohei Ohtani and Jacob de Grom. I think Babe Ruth would be proud.


My attention is more focused on the NBA playoffs at the moment, but I certainly look forward to the Official MLB 2021 Thread heating up. Perhaps you'd like to help revive it?





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