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way OT: cancelling yamaha and ideascale accounts


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Sorry to need to resort to asking here folks, but I have just spent the last 40 minutes trying to find how the hell I cancel these accounts? Just found copious emails from them on a seldom used email account and as I don't own anything yamaha and really do not need ideascale I want to cancel....but so far this has proved impossible - there are NO links to be found on either websites (Yamaha - Makewaves??) or Ideascale.


Does anyone here have any clue on how to get this done?

There is no luck - luck is simply the confluence of circumstance and co-incidence...


Time is the final arbiter for all things

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All legitimate business emails are required to have a Unsubscribe link. Now I've seen companies play games with how they display the Unsubscribe link but making in a color almost identical to the background so have to look hard to find it. Some make the email with extra blank pages so you have to scan way down to find Unsubscribe. Some will do a Change Preferences link and have unsubscribe there.


Hate how easy they make signing up and the pain they make leaving.

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