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Clare Fischer Harmonic Exercises for Piano

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Are the exercises in the book presented in order of difficulty or are they more like a catalog (no particular order) of exercises?


I've had a copy since Bobadoshe recommended them a while back but haven't worked much out of it. I decided to crack it open again after somebody mentioned the last section "Thirds, Using the Augmented Scale" is Herbie Hancock secret sauce.

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It's really more like a buffet. Pick and choose what you do and dive into it, seeing where it takes you. It also isn't a meat and potatoes one stop shop for any kind of jazz pedagogy, even technically. It's more of a collection of stimulating odds and ends.

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I"ve put a fair bit of time into the first exercise that alternates 3rds and 6ths, and found my ability to harmonise melodies in 6ths really improved. While I"d like to complete the rest of the book, there isn"t enough time. I"ve always found exercises helpful but if they become an end in themselves, it can take you away from other aspects of your craft that are arguably more important.


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Started working on the "Thirds, Using the Augmented Scale" exercise on my shiny new CT-S1. I like the sound. I do feel like I've heard the harmonic movement worked in this particular exercise by several of my favorite players, although I haven't confirmed 100% that Herbie in particular used it.
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I just picked up a copy and like the little I've played. Thanks for making this thread.


I read a review of it on Amazon and cracked up when the person said they like HER early albums.


I remember Clare Fisher from working at the music school and he would come in to do clinics, great musician and real nice person. Also his son Andre Fisher was the drummer on early Rufus albums.

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