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David Bryce

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I've just gotten my second set of Audeze headphones. I started with LCD-X, but ended up swapping those out for the much nastier (and yes, costlier) LCD-MX4s, which are the single most terrifying and grin inducing set of headphones I've ever heard.

I just added a set of their in-ear LCDi3. :w00t:


Yes, they're expensive...but since there are very few things more important to me than listening to music, and I've spent more than what I've fork out on a single keyboard, the $ spent is pretty easy to justify. :cool:



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I think I had seen (not heard) those before... As soon as the congruence between my main monitoring and my AKG 271 phones (not "broken in" very low distortion and low impedance driven) would be challenged by other monitors or phones I'd ask myself the question "what part of the comparison is wrong ?"


I'd bet on it using analogue microphones as comparison input would clarify some things, and I'd also bet on it the digital signals that I'm making which reconstruct fairly ok through normal DACs sounds fine on normal cans, and might sound strange on this device. But I haven't tried.



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And here I was feeling anxious about stepping up to my Massdrop 58x phones for 150 bucks :D (really Sennheiser HD600s).. They are the best open phones I've ever personally used.


As with scotch whisk(e)y, I'm afraid to try something higher-end for fear I'd get a taste for it!


I have a noisy house and a poor acoustic space for my "studio" so I'm on phones a lot, so certainly I don't mind spending a fair bit if it brings a quality jump.

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