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Keyboard stand idea


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If it comes with matching transport and a roadie I'd be for it, but I'd also have to mandate bigger stages than what I currently, mostly play on :)


My goal these days is to try for "carry the rig in one trip" with two keyboards, might not be doable (especially with the battery power I've been bringing) but I still have my cart if needed. I've actually targeted my spider pro as too heavy, might get a Stay (or copy of it like my friend has).

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... I've actually targeted my spider pro as too heavy, might get a Stay (or copy of it like my friend has).
I have a table stand (big, heavy, clunky, but very stable) and a Stay stand that's very light and packs neatly into a slim carry bag. Last few times out, I had both stands in the car so was able to choose which one fit the available space and general set up vibe. I think I'll continue to do that, especially for a private party outdoor gig this Wednesday night. I have no idea what the scene will be like. It's nice to have choices.
These are only my opinions, not supported by any actual knowledge, experience, or expertise.
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I have 2 stay slims one to leave In the.band practise room (although I recently quit that band) and one for live work so I experience the same playing experience on stage as off.


Very light weight and nicely made. There is some rocking using a Privia 88 as they are rated for 61 keys but the rocking is no more than the Apex I used in the 80s but is so light to carry its worth that small indiscretion.


edit: The Stay Slim is the smaller 2 tier one meant for 61 keys. The rocking I called it above but better explained as more like bouncing on the ends was from playing an 88 key Privia on it which is beyond its recommendation of 61 keys. This was acceptable by me to gain the light weight lugging of the stand. If i remember back to the 80s & my ownership of the much bigger & heavier but similar style Apex stand I felt this bounce was very similar to the bounce the Apex stand exhibited. Infact I feel Im back gigging in the 80s..nostagia huh. I cant tell you what the experience on the larger tower is but its recommended for bigger keyboards.


Below stokely mentions his use of a mic attachment on his current stand. But just so interested people know the Slim doesnt have such an attachment but the Tower does. I was prepared to over look that on the slim due its light weight..though Id thought about jerry rigging an attachment but the counter lever weight would be perhaps its difficulty in doing that. As Ive left my band recently I dont see a need to do that now so using a traditional mic stand will suffice.

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Seems like Stay stands are going away (no ironic pun on the name intended), or are at least hard to come by. I saw a recent deal with the Tower model on sale with one tier, but nobody seems to sell the extra tiers.


I'm not gigging enough just yet to worry about it, I'll stick with the Spider as it does work nicely and I've fortified the mic stand holder on it. It isn't all that bad as far as weight.

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I dont think they are gone...because.....


As I had previously been in email contact and on their email list this arrived in my inbox recently. (There is an image on their email with more details on it but mostly just product shots )


As it's a generic email to me in the form of an advertisement (Not a personal email) I am assuming they are sending this to all on their email list so therefore ok to post it here as it's obviously not a secret if its being sent out.


Caso não esteja visualizando, acesse o preview aqui.









Edit: I removed the attachment of their actual advert from showing direct on this page as it looked like I was advertising them as it was huge on the page. So I took it out but I think it still appears as a discrete attachment below if you want to to look.


Instead here is their link which is on that photo.




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So how did you get one mate as they only ship to the US?
Message sent to you. I dont know what their current policy on that is as my contact with them was long before the 1st melbourne covid lock downs here. Having a quick look their website is now completely different to what it was.
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