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Finally! HX3 CV settings...


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I have been struggling with my HX3 chorus vibrato settings for quite a few years.


I got real determined to get some results. I figured it must be in there somewhere


This what I now have...


Scanner gears 100...slowest rotation setting. Most are too fast


Scanner Leak 51


Vin Ch Amp Mod 185


Vin Ch Pre Emphasis 135


Vib Ch reflect 100


Vin Ch response 110


Ch Linebox level 100.... Important function I am somewhere between 80 and 100 on this depending on how old I want organ to sound


Ch bypass 170

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I can't edit typos for some reason. I am on my phone


Any vin should read vib..for vibrato


I have really struggled with HX3...but one thing about it that made me try again was their excellent Leslie SIM. The SIM stays out of the way of the basic tone pretty well. Probably my favorite SIM


Also drawbar tones overall sound good and clear... Though I notice that on upper drawbars they are extremely present so you have to be careful.


CV seems pretty good with these settings. A bit of extra warble on some upper octave tones but when I found out the Mojo has that too I am more forgiving.


Oh also...I use slow decay with CV. My best decay level on slow is 7. Percussion volume soft is 77.


Let's see if anyone else is interested...this has been a crazymaker for a long time.

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Who among us is actually going to get to hear the HX3.5 hands on in the United States?


I spent years fiddling with the HX3 to get decent CV out of it. As stated in another thread...the edit parameters can actually screw things up. I still don't know what most if it means. Not for the faint of heart!


When I go back 10 years to the Numa 1...the CV is there...no need to mess with anything. Got my Numa 1 going again recently and surprised how lively and good it sounds overall.


I have gotten to a better place with HX3 but it took so long.Back when I got bit from Tom Tucson nobody seemed to know much about those CV parameters and the default IMO was not really usable.


Somehow I came up with the above.

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