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Not a great combination

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or maybe it's cool?


During the search for the secret or hidden Kurzweil powers along the lines of the studio sound element path I've been working on, a little music with a epinao+synth layer and another track recorded in the PC3 sequencer with the "Horowitz grand":


kurzm2track.flac straight from digital ouput of the PC3, no changes

kurzm2track.mp3 from the above in lossless 128kbps standard mp3 with 8 dB boost


The signal path added to these close-to-preset programs and the mastering section make for the sound difference which makes the difference between me actually liking some to play on these Kurzweil sounds (the grand with the CP4 Midi connected over Usb) or thinking meh it can't sound right at all.



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DOn't feel coerced, but a comment / download ratio of far less than 1 per dozen is pretty low for a "forum"....


Theo V


Maybe people expected you to at least mention a) your current Linux kernel version b) which AD converter or c) dithering algorithm or d) DSP treatment you're using - to consider your post a legit "Theo post" worth answering...

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Are we supposed to compare the mp3 against the flac? Or are we supposed to simply say âsounds good' to either of these recordings? Or are we supposed to say âsounds much better than a regular Kurzweil without postprocessing'? If that"s the case then it would be good to have the recording without the postprocessing as a comparison.
2019 W.Hoffmann T122 upright, Roland FP-50, Roland RD64, Korg Microkorg
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