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Pump Audio... Anybody dealt with this company?

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Just got an email from them, and it goes...


I work with Pump Audio, a music licensing company. I came across your site while searching the Internet for high-quality, original music that may be worth considering for TV and commercial license.


Pump Audio represents only the very best independent music. Our artists get frequent placement in the television and advertising industries. We have placed our artists in everything from major national commercials for Mercedes and Kodak, to TV shows such as VH1s Driven, P. Diddys Making of the Band for MTV, and A&Es Biography of the Year 2003.


Pump Audio artists are heard regularly on many shows run by our cable and broadcast network clients, such as: HBO, MTV, VH1, NBC, BET, Sci-Fi, Nickelodeon, TVLand, History Channel, ABC and A&E.


Pump Audio respects and represents Real Music made by Real Independent Artists. We consider that our artists work with us, and are integral to what we do. We do not try to own you or your music in any way.


Our artists always receive payment for the use of their music. Absolutely.


You can learn more about us in detail by going to our site

(http://pumpaudio.com) and downloading the FAQ and the

artist info pack, but here is some initial information:


· Our relationship with our artists is totally non-exclusive.


· You continue to own 100% of your music.


· It will cost you nothing to submit your music to us.


· Our agreement will never prohibit your ability to get a record


or publishing deal.


If you reply to this message you will receive an automatic response with important answers to frequently asked questions. Again, check out our site and feel free to contact us with any additional questions. We look forward to hearing from you.






Artist Relations

Has anybody dealt with them?
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Never dealt with Pump Audio.


Perhaps a carefully worded letter to MTV, et al. stating you've been contacted by Pump Audio for representaton and would like a reference on them. Be sure to contact producers of the individual shows involved and not the channel itself, as MTV probably has no direct relationship with Pump. Rather, the show's producers, director(s), etc. would have info on their legitimacy.


Of course, it sounds too good to be true... but worth investigating further despite the obvious spammy form letter contact you received. Notice they didn't provide a specific agent to speak to when you contact them?

It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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