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Hardware question


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This question is for people for whom drums are their main instrument.


Are modern stands interchangeable for the most part? Are diameters standardized? I got a whole bunch of incomplete parts from a bunch of manufacturers when I did. Bulk buy of old electronic drum gear, and I"m trying to see if I can use some of it to keep it out of a scrapyard.

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For stands, I like the Pearl 900 and 1000 series. I have mostly 900 series. But I switched to a Gibralter rack setup for the studio kit. All the Pearl stuff drops right in without adapters. I think the main sizes are all standardized. Tom mounts? Pearl does it one way, others do it differently. But I think the main diameters are all standard on recent stuff.
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There are two very different mounting methods for toms.


1. Through the shell. A straight metal tube slides through a clamp and into the shell. These are usually around 1 inch in diameter. Go to an online store and look at Pearl toms to see this type..


2. Clamp. A solid, ridged metal shaft a little over 1/4 inch thick with a 90 degree bend slides through a clamp on the outside of the tome. The clamp tightens down and the ridges help keep the toms from rotating around when hit. My first Ludwig set had this type of mount, as does my Roland V-Drums.


The two types cannot be mixed, but generally different brands of each type can be made to work together.

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