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Have you tried Hot Water?!?


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I'm wondering how many long time players have ever used Chico Marx's "practice" trick, which I just heard about here from a quirky flamenco guru I like: It's kind of long, so please skip forward to 10:57 to see what I'm talking about.




My first reaction was: my poor hands already get too much hot water and dry out (I guess this could be done with gloves, why not?). Anyway I just tried this for the first time. It won't be the last.


Basically the idea is you soak your hands in hot water for several minutes before playing an instrument.


One reason I've branched out to playing various strings is vary my hand movements, as multi-hour keyboard practice sent me warning signs from time to time, though I've studied "the Russian School" and Taubmann's ideas about avoiding injury on the keyboard. At 63 it's much easier to hurt yourself, and some injuries are only dealt with by long down time, as you all know. So far I have avoided it TYG.


Anyway, I was so impressed by this experience I thought it might enhance others who also never thought of it. After soaking, before playing, I dried and lotioned, adding some olive oil on my nails (guitar thing). Very dry where I live.


Best to all, and if you do try please let us know if you liked it. Or if you think it's a terrible idea, likewise :)

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Ya. I got the idea here actually. After doing heavy lifting in the winter - shoveling snow, using the snow blower. Fine motor skills are not so good. Soaking in hot water helps.

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