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Midi #CC controlled vocal processor question

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First post here so I'm hoping I've put this in the right place.


Here's my set-up.


I am using Cakewalk as my DAW (only midi) to create my sequences. I run midi out to an SD-35 Roland Sound canvas (I've put a floppy emulator in it and now runs on usb - has a whole new life).

When I have a sequence how I want it, I play it in Cakewalk and I record it into the USB stick on the SD-35. Hope this makes sense. It's a relatively easy process and means I don't need a laptop at gigs.


Now the question part. I want to use a TC Helicon Perform VK for harmonies, delay etc. These have a midi implementation chart and most things can be controlled through #CC messages (if I understand this correctly). If I can set these CC messages up in the sequence, record the sequence onto the SD-35 then plug the midi out from the SD-35 to the midi in on the TC Helicon. Of course the mic is routed through the TC Helicon to guide the harmonies. If this is possible, then harmonies and delay (and any other effects) will turn on automatically in the required parts of the songs (where I put the #CC messages) rather than having to push buttons, it should all be automated.


Has anyone done this or have I completely lost the plot?



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Hey Robi, sorry I didn't get to this before, but yes, that should be how things work. I don't have a lot of experience with the TC boxes, so I can't give you direct guidance, but feel free to pop over to the Studio Workshop forum with this question and see if there's someone there who can help. There are many more folks with hands and eyes on gear here in KC, but the Studio Workshop has slower traffic and threads tend to stay in the forefront much longer.

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