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DVD in live production

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Hello everyone. I've been away for a while so let me apologize for my first question.


What happened to the Massenburg forum?


My technical question is about DVD players. I am in charge of the production at a fairly large contemporary church. There are times that I have to cue a DVD that is part of the sermon presentation (shown on a jumbo screen). I often need to cue quite a few minutes into the DVD.


All of the DVD players that I have tried will not stay in pause for more than five to ten minutes. Sometimes this isn't enough time because the pastor can start ranting. When I press play, it seems to pick up in the same place but I'm always nervous about it because I lose my still image on my preview monitor (it goes to a screen saver) and the time is no longer displayed on the player to confirm that I am in the right spot.


Doesn't anyone make a player that doesn't go into this mode?


Thanks in advance.



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