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Man attacked by vacuum cleaner - manufacturer admits liabilty

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Jun 26 2004


Man attacked by his vacuum


By Bob Dow


HOUSEPROUD Norman Grant yesterday told a court how he was attacked by his new Dyson vacuum cleaner. The former offshore oilman was floored as he tried to clean cobwebs.


A flying hose extension threw him downstairs and knocked him unconscious as he used it for the first time.


The firm admitted liability for the bizarre accident.


A hearing began at Aberdeen Sheriff Court yesterday to set the compensation. Mr Grant, of Mannofield, Aberdeen, wants £50,000 in damages.


He said disaster struck the day after buying the blue and purple blue Dyson DC07.


He told the court that he had read the instructions and turned it on, then fitted the brush extension.


He added: 'It just broke apart and came back at me.


'Suddenly this flash came at me and something struck me on the arm.


'The next minute, I found myself at the bottom of the stairs. I came to, stood up and wondered what had happened.'


Mr Grant said he fell down 14or15steps and suffered head injuries and a broken wrist.


He said: 'I put it together again. I could not see anything I had done wrong with it.


'Dyson said it was the highest technology in the world ...'


His partner Jessie Jack said she was in bed on the Sunday morning when she was disturbed by 'a squawk'.


She said: 'I got out of bed ready to have a go at Norman for making a racket.


'But he was at the bottom of the stairs. It had whacked him on the head.'


Mr Grant said he had been forced to turn down a driving job due to the pain. His golf, gardening and household chores had also been affected.


The case was continued to a later date for further evidence.


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