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Anyone using a Zyndrum?


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Saw one being used for years at Epcot and lusted after it. I bought one, really liked it, bought a second. They are really nice, and my two have different layouts. But I notice that over time I use it less and less. If I was a gigging drummer on a very small stage it would be great. If I was playing gospel it would be great. But I no longer gig, and at home it is easier to turn on the Handsonic and play the preset sounds rather than hook the Zendrum up to my V-Drum brain, and then to an amp, then stand and play. Just wondering if anyone else is using one, gigging with it, or just using it at home.

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I just looked at it. Triggers MIDI samples? Velocity sensitive?


I like the Handsonic too, haven't tried the Zendrum.


This would be my favorite stand up hand drum, form factor is cool but the sensitivity and sound are extraordinary. It reminds me of my Korg Wavedrum. Electronic but it feels like playing real drums.


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