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Diabology - The Softest Grave


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It's good to know I have a soft grave to rest in, my back hurts.

I am a direct fellow, working with music is what I do for my living and I devote part of every day to giving free (and sadly often unwanted) advice. If I think something sux, I move along, nothing said. So any criticism I take my time to give is constructive because it is worth it.


Starts nicely then loses focus after a few bars which is a shame. Seeing you are starting, you probably want to focus on getting to the main course asap. One minute seems an age to first listeners, you don't want em wandering. Your job is to lead people to where they want to be - the halls or Rock.


The main riffs are nice classic Metal and I like that it is somewhat loose. I loathe metal that might as well be EDM. From the riffs I expected a less Deathly vocal delivery. Still it is solid. Can you sing a bit cleaner?


Songwriting could become tighter overall Make sure that later parts reflect/grow from earlier parts (variation not randomization). I think if you work on the idea of you songs overall and how they are leading people in a greater story, you can do well. If any of this seems obscure, get a Record Producer (not a beatmaker making grand claims) and really learn from their guidance.

Great cover art and well mixed (which I did not expect at all). Congrats on making a cohesive package. That counts for a lot, as is evidenced by all the little buyer flags I see on your BC.

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Honestly, I would just say tighten up. The sound you have is solid and has bags of potential, but it just feels a bit loose. Like you are all concentrating too much on what you are playing and not really locking in with each other.


The initial 'hit' you have on 'writhe' is what you need...just more of it. Great first effort though!

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