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recording bass with both DI and amp - "doppler" effect

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i've just finished recording bass guitar for a folk band and i've used a DI wich also fed a bass amp through a parallel link.the mic on the amp was an akg d112.the two signals went to two separate tracks, which were -shock!- out of tune with each other by a quarter tone.when soloed,the DI track sounded in tune with the other instruments in the mix,while the amp track was horribly detuned...i've also tried to slide the two tracks to get rid of phase issues hoping to solve the problem,but the bass was still out of tune.we spent an awful lot of time to check the bass tuning using a guit tuner,keyboard sounds and pro tools' signal generator feeding a 440hz sine and -gosh!- it was pitch perfect. HOW COME? WHY O WHY O WHY? PERCHE'? PURQUOI? help meeeeeee!!!
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