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Cicadia Firefly USB cable


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I'm a performing musician and I've been using Bluetooth page-turning pedals since the very beginning.

Recently and not the first time I have had last-minute pairing problems.


Also, multiple times on stage with others who also were using a bluetooth pedal mine stopped working for my Ipad and turned someone else's pages!

This even happened in an orchestra...


Now, I just purchased the Pageflip Firefly :


Pageflip Firefly pedal


which after Airturn and the Pageflip Butterfly is pedal number three.


I bought this one as it is specifically mentionned as :

"wireless (Bluetooth) or wired (USB) connectivity options"


Has anyone here had any experience in using this pedal with an Ipad via USB?


The cable they provide seems only to connect to the pedal (mini-USB) and then to a computer (USB) and not the lightening connectrion used on all new Ipads/Iphones.



Thanks for any information in advance.

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I haven"t had experience with that pedal, but have used MIDI keyboards in iPad apps (and a normal computer keyboard in the 'notes' app) by using an Apple Lightning to USB camera adapter such as this:


Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter



Hopefully should do the trick, assuming the app on the iPad you are using accepts normal computer keyboard inputs for page turning.



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