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How about... Misty on the CFX grand

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I've spent time recently making sounds on the CP4 with studio processing tools in mind to make use of what I perceive is superior components in the electronics modelling and spectral component modelling in this previous model Yamaha flagship digipiano. Unfortunately, there's no way the last few dozens of sounds I've made will be available for free, and that strangely includes organs and synths as well.


An example of the playing fun I have with these natural sounding patches can be considered captured by this short variation on "misty" acting as a demonstration of the more piano like response and sound of the CFX piano in the CP4:


misty1.flac lossless compressed version of the internal CP4 digital CD quality live recording, with only the volume upped by a factor 2, completely as from the Yamaha with no further changes


( misty1_origfromcp4rec.wav If for some reason you want this original /wav file directly from the USB stick from the rear of the CP4 you can download this one, exactly the same as above download. )



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I played a CFX that my local dealer received in order to support a concert of a Yamaha artist who was performing a Rachmaninov concert at a local college.


I came in the store and the guys are like. 'You need to play this'. So I played the opening the Grieg"s Piano Concerto. I was going to bring the thunder. I expected to rattle the windows. I was disappointed. It was soft and dark. Totally non-Yamaha. The hammers must have been really soft. It was regulated for the artist not me. ð. I"d rather play the C7.

"It doesn't have to be difficult to be cool" - Mitch Towne


"A great musician can bring tears to your eyes!!!

So can a auto Mechanic." - Stokes Hunt


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Usually it's clear for me: I'd play a good Steinway, standard, but for me too, usually that's the sound I'd go for. Now, these Yamaha's are supposed to be good for Jazz in the mid high range, and of another type of musically applicable quality, which is the case. While working on these sounds I at some point became mighty p*ssed I got a prfound resonance in the low C (2 I think) area. Couldn't be eq-ed out or easily blamed on sampling artefacts, and annoying, so I found some methods to damp it out (using phasers and some other tricks I was working on with the master effects), but it wouldn't go away naturally until completely gone. For some reason or another I listened to a YT vid about a CFX in a wonderful Vienna concert setting, well maintained, well recorded, and well, um, it made that very same sound. Go figure...



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