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Roland Handsonic

Dave Bryce

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I have the first version, stumbled into it on craigslst. HPD15? something like that, the one with the ribbon controllers - still sought after for that reason.

Paid $145 for it since it's beat up and I have to use the headphone out to get left and right channels into the DAW. I put a TRS to dual TR set up in my little front input patch bay in my rack. TRS from the headphone out and 2 cables to channels 7-8 in back.


Very powerful tool, LOTS of sounds you can play. I've got some small rubber headed mallets that I use sometimes instead of hands, it won't hurt the pads any.

I don't think you can beat it (sorry, pun!) for what it is. Also has MIDI in and out, I've never used those but I do have some cool drum plugins so I should try it.


I also have a Korg Wavedrum Global. You can rock out on the Roland but the Korg speaks, super expressive. Only one or two sounds at a time but you can get a nearly infinite level of subtle variation with it.

Between the two of them I got my studio drums!

It took a chunk of my life to get here and I am still not sure where "here" is.
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I have two. The older HPD-15 and the newer HPD-20. Love them. Even though the HPD-20 is newer and has updated sounds I still consider my HPD-15 to be the main. Really fun when you connect foot pedals and play as a cross between hand drum and trap kit.

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Really fun when you connect foot pedals and play as a cross between hand drum and trap kit.

I have both the foot pedals. Love it - drums for keyboard players.


My favorite thing is being able to tap on it as lightly as I want and still have it pick up the trigger. The nuanced control on this thing is way more fun that I thought it would be.


The D-Beam is somewhat intriguing, but I can"t quite seem to work it into anything I"m doing...yet.





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