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Roland TR-808 Movie

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Has anyone seen the movie 808 about the Roland TR-808. (2015). I watched it yesterday and thought it was fascinating. That it was a commercial failure, due to the fact that it did not sound like real drums, but managed to find an audience in the Hip-Hop and Electronic music genre. It"s amazing how one machine changed music forever. Even being used by the likes of Marvin Gaye and Phil Collins.
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Yeah I"ve seen it too, it"s good. Funnily enough, I think there were actually two 808 documentaries at around the same time. I think this one is on Amazon Prime if anyone"s interested.


I think it was funny how heavily Phil Collins was featured! I love the sound of a real 808 - the way it responds when you 'overdrive' the bass drum, the snare...


And it"s funny how the sound still keeps on going and going, especially in hip hop.


Both the 808 and 909 were supposed to replace real drummers (fail), but then in Roland"s mind the Jupiter 8 was originally supposed to also sound like real woodwinds, brass etc. (fail). It"s hilarious how misguided they were...yet managed to create something so unique.

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