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XK5 connection to Mini Vent II

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Just got the MVII for the XK5 board. Connected with 1/4" cables the MVII behaves normally when using B,and Bb presets. If the factory sounds are used the internal sim is not bipassed it seems. When I had my SK there was a hammond cable from 8 pin connector to 1/4 and the bipassed the internal sim completely for all drawbar settings and presets.

I see hammond has an 11 pin cable to two 1/4s, However the MIni Vent only has one 1/4". input. Would this cable work or is there another way? Thanks in advance.

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Much like the Xk systems before I bet you have to setup the XK5 for this usage. In the 'preset/P.Load' menu disable all after Upper (OFF). This should stop loading preset loading (so your sim remains off).

I have an xk3c now, not the 5 so hopefully these settings apply here.

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Thanks Bill & JoJo- I used an XK3c this morning at a church I work at- and they told me I couldn't use their real leslie today. Got my vent hooked up. Disabling the internal leslie was as simple as just making sure it was off at all buttons.

But I didn't know about that P load ani menu. Was able to set up all my presets that retained my vibrato, and leslie (off) settings, across patch changes.. I just used the mono out to my Vent.


I just got an Sbx , and thinking of getting that (expensive!) 11 pin cable to be able to keep the other voices on a separate output Dirshort: You can use the audio output on that 11 pin to feed the audio on the vent, but obviously can't do switch control from the Hammond. I had my Mini Vent II modified by a guitar tech, ($35.00). you can easily do it yourself if you're brave & handy. I just had him replace the momentary start stop switch with a 1/4 inch jack. This way I can use a sustain pedal, and hopefully the internal leslie switch from the Skx or it's footswitch jack.... if I buy that specialty cable you mentioned. I know several folks who have the regular "big" vent and they use that 11 pin to 1/4 cable in that manner successfully.

Chris Corso


Lots of stuff.

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