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A digital piano that's actually good ?!

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Uhm, yes, aahhh, mm mm, I think so.




At some point the digital processing (at least the global settings) come together where the sound becomes whole, and quite a bit like the real instrument. As far as I tried, with some errors, but actually good for pop, blues, jazz, classical, all goes on this CFX simulation!


Unfortunately, I don't feel like sharing these settings for free, but a good blues and the warm feeling instruments can work so that I don't start to complain about all kinds of science and technology making me feel bad has got to be good for some peace of mind.


It's improvised blues, of course commercial rights reserved, recorded straight unto the USB stick in the back of the CP4, only volume doubled before 16 bit 44.1kHz .flac upload to Youtube.


Feel free to comment..



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Unfortunately, I don't feel like sharing these settings for free . . .


Is the idea that we pay you for them or something?


It sounds about as much like a piano as any cheap rompler preset, so I'm not sure how that would be supposed to work.


I'll leave aside the other statements by Theo and confidence, but will take issue with the portion I italicized above. Nah...Not cool; that remark deserves to be called out.

I've played acoustic piano for 50+ years, and nothing digital sounds and plays exactly like one. So any effort to improve upon the factory sounds of a DP should be acknowledged fairly. This is an area of great subjectivity, and opinions vary; hence my response. Folks, we're well beyond the one-shot piano sample from an Akai S612 (and even that could work okay in several, non-pedaled rock 'n roll live mixes). And there are a great variety of takes on what an acoustic piano should sound like. So when I see what appears to be a lack of respect for someone's efforts, it rubs the wrong way.


I feel that the sound Theo presented seems very usable in more than a few musical settings. Appears to well balanced and playable. Sounds like a solo, or ballad piano sound I'd enjoy using - if I had a CP4.

'Someday, we'll look back on these days and laugh; likely a maniacal laugh from our padded cells, but a laugh nonetheless' - Mr. Boffo.


We need a barfing cat emoticon!








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My initial listening is limited to my laptop speakers, but even with that it sounds pretty good and consistent.


Regarding sharing for free, I think the time to do that is when you're reasonably sure no one's actually going to pay you for it, e.g., my PC3 guitar patches, as proud as I am of them. If it gets to that point, you may want to release your settings so they won't just die with you.



Also I agree with Allen -- pianos have gotten so good in so many places, I tend to encounter each new one with joyful amazement. I loved my Ensoniq Mirage, and the synths I had that succeeded it -- all of them were more like a grand piano than my Wurlitzer 102 ever was. Then came my Alesis Fusion, which blew them away with essentially unlimited polyphony, until I got the Kurzweil K2xxx and PC3s, which in turn have been outdone by my Casio's resonance and damper modeling. And we've had nearly a decade of additional progress since the PX-5S!


Theo, thank you for contributing a bit more to that progress.

-Tom Williams

{First Name} {at} AirNetworking {dot} com

PC4-7, PX-5S, AX-Edge, PC361


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