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Digitone keys users.. cant this do just regular rhythms?

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Sorry but I am not a techno guy. That beat gives this old guy a headache. But I'm interested in the DK to play and practice regular rock and blues . I'm afraid that the digitone will make everything sound techno. Why? Because there isn't a single demo on YT that isn't techno or ambient. Can this board do rock?


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Forgive any assumptions but you are posting in the Drums and Percussion forum so here goes.


Is there a compelling reason why you've chosen this particular piece of gear?


I took a look at the Digitone Keys. The posted price in Swedish Krona equals about $1,400 ++ in US dollars.

There are LOTS of options in that range.


One would be a Roland Handsonic, that will have a huge and authentic range of sounds, from jazz snare with brushes to thunder thumping EDM. There will be libraries of world percussion sounds, crazy effects, kits that sound like they were recorded at Sun Studios in the 50's, etc. Full MIDI implementation so you could feed it MIDI files from a pad or a laptop and be within budget if you shop carefully. With a hi-hat and kick pedal you'd also have a complete and compact "drum kit" for live studio work and gigging. Then you could create your own MIDI loops by playing them yourself and choosing the sounds you want from what is available - which is EVERYTHING pretty much.


That is just one of many options. A laptop and Novation LaunchPad would get you there too and provide a nearly infinite set of sound capabilities. Superior Drummer, EZ Drummer, NI Studio Drummer etc. all await.

Or you could just get a library of audio format drum loops and call it good.


For that matter, the Yamaha DD-65 is better than people think it is (you have to hook it up to some good speakers!!!!) and you should be able to find one for well under $200, which leaves plenty of budget for other goodies.

It took a chunk of my life to get here and I am still not sure where "here" is.
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The digitone keys is about $999. I got interested in this because of the depth of the midi sequencer and the depth of the synth programming potential.


Unfortunately the onboard drum sounds are very techno but I always intended to use this in tandem with another synth anyways so midi-ing up to the pcm drums from a roland is just a little more midi traffic.


My concern is that the sequencer would still sound techno even with rock drum sounds even though you can turn off quantizing. My concern is because I've never heard a beat box demo that had a classic rock groove. Or old RnB. Or jazz. The demos all sound industrial or ambient.


Why not use a traditional drum machine? Because I dont really want to be tied to a specific arrangement of verse chorus bridge. I'd like to be able to arrange the parts on the fly by triggering midi sequences. The digitone keys seems like it can do most of what I want in addition to being a great lead synth with aftertouch. But maybe with the caveat that I would have to send the midi drum sequence out of the eleckron to the roland synth I'm also using for other synth sounds.


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