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Welcome, Hector (know you from the VAST forum. I don't have a Forte, but 3 PC3 (all sizes). Far more configurable and way better MIDI controllers. I agree with your thoughts on KB3, my solution wound up being an old iPhone 6 with no SIM card running Korg Module, using that for Hammond/Leslie sounds.

A number of years ago, I bought a Nord Electro 3 to use for both light weight and Hammond. It sounded better than KB3, but changing the (pretend) drawbars just didn't give me the changes that happen on a real B3, so I sold it. Do have a Hammond SK1-73 which I use occasionally.

Most of my playing in recent years has been at church, where I have a semi-permanent setup of a PC2 and PC3. I use one iPad for music sheets, and either an iPad or the iPhone for lots of added sounds.

Whatever works (and is affordable enough for the player).

Glad to see you here.

Howard Grand|Hamm SK1-73|Kurz PC2|PC2X|PC3|PC3X|PC361; QSC K10's

HP DAW|Epi Les Paul & LP 5-str bass|iPad mini2

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."


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Cheers and happy days! I sold my Forte just after Xmas 2019 it served me very well for 5 years at the centre of my rig for around 60 gigs a year, had a great sound and was totally reliable. And amazingly in those 5 years it was transformed by Kurzweil's R and D team from a stage piano to a full workstation. Way beyond anything I"d expected when I bought it.


The Kronos 2 has taken over the central role in my rig, but it was a fight and although the Kronos is very capable it isn"t the solid work horse that the Forte was.


With the 2020 lockdown halting live performances for me it has given me time to take stock and review my gear and my direction. That's why I"ve become very interested in what"s out there and the trends in technology and music.


Of particular interest has been the NW2, ASM Hydra Synth, Novation Summit, Korg Prologue, UDO Super 6 and Waldorf's Iridium. So you"d be right in thinking I"m changing musical direction! Lol

I"m fascinated by the growth of FPGA technology in synthesis (UDO, Novation, PC4) versus the more traditional DSP based solutions ( Nord, DSI) and the new interfaces e.g. the Hydra Synth, which is an amazing solution to modal hands on. The Hydra Synth also strongly revives poly AT which is exactly on the money for me - just need to hang on for the 61 key version.... I can see a sort of Medeli under current of change going here what with the PC4 also having a Medeli keybed! .And of course the other never ending challenge of analog filters versus DSP - ( Summit, Super 6 and Prologue v ASM Hydra Synth and NW2) So there"s plenty of excitement!

RhodesStage73,Wurly,M102&L122,MiniMoog,Yam DX7,P250,Rolnd Juno60,Di,RD700SX-2000,Clavia N373,NS2ha88,CASIO PX5s,SL Sledge,Kurz Forte,Kawai MP7SE,Korg DSS1,Kronos2 61,Prophet2k,DSI P6,OBm M6r,Emu ESi4K
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