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Is there a way to manually matrix plug ins like VBOX and FXMachine?

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I was wondering if there is a way to manually route audio in series and parellel(matrix) in an uncomplicated way without using Bias' VBOX or Spark's FXMAchine? I have FXMACHINE for OS 9 but i cannot upgrade it to OSX. I would like to have VBOX but I don't need Peak and they do not sell them separatley. Any suggestions? By the way, I use DP and LIVE.
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Tracktion will let you do parallel effects, but it's not up to DP in terms of functionality so you may not want to go there.


Instead, copy a track for as many times as you need parallel effects. For example, suppose you want to add multiband distortion (four bands) to a guitar track.


1. Clone the track four times.

2. In each track, use a filter plug-in to separate the bands.

3. In each track, add a distortion plug-in.

4. Send the output from each track to a bus if you want to be able to adjust each band's volume individually, as well as have a master volume control for all four bands.

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