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I just put on a Yanni tape...

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I have always thought of his music as background music. I guess I just do not get it. I've seen videos of his shows and it seems that on most songs, he plays a few runs on the keyboard with his right hand, points to another musician to do a solo, plays another run with his right hand, points to another player to do their thing, etc. He spends alot of the show looking at his band and smiling while they play. Together it is pleasant music and the orchestra is great, but I haven't found anything on which to focus or with which I can relate.
Yum, Yum! Eat em up!
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Ah...but there's more to Yanni. :) Check out his album called Optimystique (sp?). It was re-released on the Private Music label in the 90s (i think), but was originally recorded in 1980 (again, i think).


One thing that I KNOW is that it's nowhere near as sweet sounding as the later music he's released. It's got some very powerful songs on it, and it's chockful of analog synth goodness (no orchestras here!). It rocks!


Check it out if you can find it...

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