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Unlocking the hidden Rhodes in Kawai ES110

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To unlock the hidden clean tone vintage Fender Rhodes suitcase patch in the Kawai ES110:


Press the E.Piano/Organ button to select E.Piano 1

Press and hold the E.Piano/Organ button and then press the A#4 key

Press and hold the E.Piano/Organ button and then press the G#6 key


You now have a well behaved clean tone Fender Rhodes, no more wild jumpiness or spaced out effects.


To save as a Registration (so you don't have to do it every time you power on)

Press the Registration button.

Press the 1-4 buttons to select the desired registration location


I also recommend saving the 4th default piano as a registration, it's the "Studio Grand 2", I use it for single note trumpet style jazz soloing, it's smoother, less thumpy and has less stereo width, better clarity.

My other two personal registrations are Concert Grand 1 and Vibes/E.Bass Split

Harry Likas was the Technical Editor of Mark Levine's "The Jazz Theory Book" and also helped develop "The Jazz Piano Book." 

Harry teaches jazz piano online using Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, or Google Meet.


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I just got an ES110 I ordered a while ago, and loaded in the Rhodes settings above. They are great for the clean Rhodes sound, but the standard preset effect is called "auto pan" and it would be nice to have that as well. To my ear the factory preset doesn't sound like the auto pan on the other keyboards I am used too, I have a Nord, a Casio and used to have Yamaha and Roland pianos, and I run in stereo. Is this other people's experience, am I missing something? Other than that I love the piano sound, action and texture of the keys. Very happy overall.
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