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Channeling Zawinul - Scott Kinsey

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Just Unbelievable. I think he takes it beyond but I could be biased.

(He played in Tribal Tech which ties in -- has many other great videos with Scott Henderson)


Make sure to watch the Kangaroo at 4:04!



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J a z z P i a n o 8 8


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I first heard Kinsey with Tim Hagans" drum"n"bass project Animation/Imagination.


Yeah he seems to have been heavily influenced by Z, plays like this in most of his projects too. I"ve been digging this tune 'Essaouira' from another project with Matt Garrison:



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Yes, he is the man

BTW his presence is combined with a very happy moment in my life. October 2009 he came to play in Athens and he needed a Nord, so the guys from the club contacted to ask me if i could borrow Scott my NE2. I happily did so, and had the chance to meet Scott and chat with him after the gig. Thing is that this was one day after my daughter was born, and i was still in hospital when this happened. So I brought the the keyboard to the hospital, so the guys from the club could come over there to pick it up. I left the hospital and went straight to the venue. Τhe concert was kicking a@@ but i was already in high spirits due to the birth of my kid :)

Be grateful for what you've got - a Nord, a laptop and two hands
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