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OT: How many soccer fans here?

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I am a big footie fan and will be backing England all the way in Euro 2004 in Portugal and the first match is Sunday against the current European champions France (Makes me mad thinking some of the players in my regular team are playing for them like Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira, i support Arsenal and always will do btw)

It would be great to hear how many people like football and how many haven't got time for it and how soccer is received around the world.

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I must confess I don't follow soccer (football) much...even though Kansas City does have a professional team.


And, yup, I know it's the world's favorite sport. Just hasn't really caught on here, really, except with the youth leagues.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Thats always surprised us in the UK about the US tthat football hasn't really caught on even though you do have a team that competes in the World Cup.

Here most of the players are payed extortinant amounts for what they do and maybe beats what your Baseball and NFL players get. Like David Beckham who i think most are familiar with.

They used to televise games from the US of American football for a why but somehow it didnt catch on even though there are a few teams that play here in a leauge.

It was like a passing fad.

I tryed to follow it but never could understand all the rules so gave up trying but i am a true brit when it comes to footbal and supporting my team :)

Its like Baseball, i dont understand it but say to me its rounders, i will play it and understand the rules and American footie seems like Rugby but with all the padding.

I never understood the differences and some rules so if anyone wants to enlighten me, that would be great. :)

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Originally posted by Bunny.:

European football and American football are my two favorite spectator sports.


European football is my favorite sport to play, followed closely by basketball.

This is getting even better :D ...any preference as to a team and if so which Bunny and which player do you rate...

with me, it has to to Terry Henry as we Gooners call him at Highbury :D


So I take it you will be watching Euro 2004 then?

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Soccer, Football fan here...as well as American Football, basketball, baseball and hockey. Last World Cup in Japan, I only missed a handful of games. While many were sleeping I was watchng soccer at 11:30pm 2:00am and 4:30am. I'm so glad there won't be such a huge time difference in the next world cup.
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Soccer is one of the few sports that I like. I don't find the American leagues very good though, I prefer to watch when I'm over in Europe. The Mexican soccer you can get here on cable TV has its own charm...unfortunately DirecTV charges Big $$$ to get the English leagues, or I'd subscribe.
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That snake really shouldn't smoke cigarettes while tending goal. Notice how easily the British Badgers score a goal on him.


I don't get much opportunity to watch football (soccer) here in the states. I sometimes catch a Mexican match on the tube, but they don't show the European matches here.


I watch the World Cup religiously, though. I was one of the freaks waking up at 4:30 in the morning (after three hours of sleep) to watch the World Cup in Japan. I was pretty excited when the USA beat Portugal in the first round. I never have high hopes for the US team, but it was thrilling to watch them win.


Perhaps one of the biggest reasons many Americans don't enjoy European football is that the sport wasn't invented here, unlike American football, baseball, and basketball, arguably our most popular sports.


I think it's odd, and even a bit telling, that Professional "Wrestling" is a more popular spectator "sport" here than soccer is. :rolleyes:

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This is the one thing the rest world will never agree with the US... soccer is the best, biggest and most popular sport in the history of mankind... and yet... the vast majority of the population doesn't seem to care or follow it (as they follow other sports like baseball, football, basketball and even hockey).


And yet... do anyone remember where was played the 1994 World Cup?

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It's all about Hockey and soccer (the REAL football, btw) for me. I used to watch baseball, then lost a great deal of interest/patience and no longer care for it.


Soccer is in a league of it's own. I went to London a few years ago, and was amazed at the fans I encountered. EVERYONE is very passionate about the sport and loyal to their team, which isn't usually the case with American/Canadian sports.

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I grew up playing soccer in the late '60s & '70s when it wasn't as popular a youth sport as it is today. My parents immigrated from Czechoslovakia and my dad was an excellent player.


He took me to see the first game Pele played with the NY Cosmos at Downing Stadium on Randall's Island. It was an incredible atmosphere with the stands full of loud Brazilians. In the days before cable TV, I also remember seeing the 1978 World Cup via closed circuit TV in Madison Square Garden (Dad had a Argentinian friend who took us to see his "home team" play).


I live in a soccer loving community. We have the Rhinos, an past-champion "A League" (a rank below MLS) team which regularly draws 10-12,000. A soccer-only stadium is under construction and is scheduled to open next year. With a new venue, the team is looking to move up the the MLS.


Our soccer may not come close to Champions League, but we have a local team with good fan support which is more than can be said for many US cities.

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Todays the day! Oi Oi!!!!

Portugal V Greece is the first match in Euro 2004 and i'm well up for it! :D

Got my new England shirt yesterday and tomorrow (Sunday) we meet the current champions France!

Lovely Jubbly....

(can you see my cheshire cat smile from where you are :D )

We as passionate about our footbal as you guys are about hockey or baseball.

Cricket is the other thing, well anything that has the 3 Lions on a Shirt, we're there! :D

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Pelé is my football god.


I think he is almost single-handedly responsible for soccer's popularity in the USA. I'm sure he knew he was bringing football to America when he sign with the New York Cosmos in the '70s.


That's right about when I started playing organized soccer, in the AYSO, right around 1977-78, when I was about eight years old.


I never saw Pele play in person, but I did catch a couple Portland Timbers NASL games during that era. It was inspiring, and I ended up attending a couple soccer camps in Portland, which featured members of the team. Pretty fun stuff for an 11-year-old.


Back then, from the late '70s into the '80s, besides the World Cup, the only international soccer we received on the TV was the PBS series "Soccer Made in Germany," featuring the highlight Bundesleague match of the week. That was some great football!


But, I wonder if any of us in the USA would have been watching or playing soccer at all if it weren't for Edson Arantes do Nascimento, AKA Pelé.

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Dam! seems like you guys had it pretty bad with the televising of soccer matches :(

I have to agree Pele is one of the greats that the world will see.

Mardonna when he was playing was great until the 'Hand Of God' fiasco...

The sheer skill of these guys and above all in a time when its wasn't quiet exceptable to have people other than white people in football!

Some of the worlds best teams have a great mix of races and thast a step well forward compared to the polotics that go with sport.

Today though i have to say world class players like Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Beckham,Figo all have bought the sport into its own.

I really like some of the British players we have such as Owen,John Terry,Ray Palour and who can forget Alan Sheera to name a few but the game on the main land is outstanding.

Real Madrid,Porto,Ajax and other teams have really pushed forward and shown the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea that being world leaders in the game is not about money anymore but the performance skills and fitness that each player has.

I am so looking forward to sitting down later with a cool drink and seeing some great football.

Roll on 4pm :D

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I'm a fan. Yeah, I've gotten in my fair of shitty arguments over which is the real football. Goddamn lunkheads! I played this fine sport in my elementary school days, and a bit in high school. I keep up on happenings on the 'net, as cable tv here doesn't have enough coverage. I'm not too big on the American teams. Sorry, guys, you need a lot more work IMO.


Also, my fave sports video game on the PC is EA Sports Fifa. I like playing it in full time mode... heh, makes my fingers sore playing for 90 minutes, but it beats breaking a leg! :D I need to hit Europe or South America sometime during peak soccer season.

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I watched the Geece V Portugal game and what a complete waste of space Portugal is!

Figo tryed his best but what the hell did the Portugal players think they were doing when there was a chance to score from the box?

No one was there most of the time to receive the ball and none of the players seemed as if they had incentive to win the game.

Greece played well i think and deserved the win.

SAs for Spain V Russia...a completely different game, well paced and full of edge of seat stuff happening.

So far the scores are


Portugal 1 V Greece 2

Spian 1 V Russia 0


Roll on tonight for the England V France match.

Got my shirt on and rareing to go!!!

I think it will be an exciting game and I may well go down to the pub to watch this later. :D

As for the other Group B game, i reckon Croatia will beat Switzerland but not without some tough football.


England Match Prediction...

I reckon there will be a draw of 1 all and Henry to score first followed by Owen.


Will Sven choose Ledly King to play? I think so as Neville just isnt the right person for this paticular game.


What do you lot reckon?

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Figo isn't the player he used to be. Nice to see Ronaldo get a goal though :)


I just hope our 'fans' don't cause any trouble.


Come on England!

"That's what the internet is for. Slandering others anonymously." - Banky Edwards.
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Too dam right.

Did you notice how slow he has become and the weight hes now carrying?

I really expected more from him.

Raul played some great footie though.

Yeah, Ronaldo did a good job i reckon.

You can see why he plays for Man U hey?


I am praying our fans behave cause thats it for us otherwise.

I really hope they don't show up the shirt!



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Ronnie's the man.


I can't wait for the game, I'm just worried that either Rooney or Scholes will get sent off ... we have a German dentist as a ref. Makes me think of Olivier in Marathon Man. Scary.


Anyway. I predict 1-1 with each side scoring a penalty.

"That's what the internet is for. Slandering others anonymously." - Banky Edwards.
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Yeah think Ronnies the man to.

Scholesy has to play his best today or theres going to be murder!

Lets hope Becks doen't get any jibb from the op he had last week duering the Icelandic game

If anything our boys will play really well and the fans well we will see.


Dam! I wish i was out there now! :(


Don't worry about the ref, at least it isn't baldy or that tall tosser from the World Cup!


I was in Kavos in Corfu by the pool for the World Cup when we got slaughtered because of Seamans bad goal keeping...was that a bad day for us or what!


I reckon we're a better team this time.

New blood and all that...



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