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Starting to have fun with playing the PC3

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With my corrected sounds, obviously, or I don't feel that's the case. Recorded via my sample reconstruction improvement/preparation Linux software design, played via the CP-4, but only the outputs of the PC3 are recorded.




Sounds can be made available if someone would like to try, there's no additional effect (except the major sample correction software, which however isn't proposed as an effect, and isn't necessary to use the PC3 sounds "live").


I was a little inspired by the Chick Corea video of a few days ago where he banged his fists on his piano...



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Hey Theo,


Where did you get that woody flute / organ-like sound at 4:30? Is it a preset, odd additive, or something else? I would like to add that timbre to my arsenal. (I have a plain PC3, no "K", so I can't import new samples.)

-Tom Williams

{First Name} {at} AirNetworking {dot} com

PC4-7, PX-5S, AX-Edge, PC361


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Hi Tom


I've processed the presets according to a repeatable program, like" "virtual synth layers amplitue +2dB, sample layers -4, reverb time *0.9" etc., and I'm not sure the organ was adapted in that way from the preset "all pipes" organ according to my latest idea. I'll look it up.


The whole download would be in th efor of a song without tracks, where the special AUX2 effect chain and essential mastering effects section are set up, and the proper aux send and volume values are in. Maybe I'll try to make an equivalent SetUp download, will see.


Theo V.

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