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Wakeman solo

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A gift to the Instagram and YouTube speed fakers that have been getting noticed. If you can do it, you can do it in front of 5000 people with a camera on you In real time. That's what a live stream gig ISNT.




Anyways the secondary part of my post is regarding the 2 finger 1 key trills that wakeman and emerson do. I blame my keyboard for the fact I cant do it. Yeah that's it. Who here has got that down.


Silence is an admission here. Just kidding.

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Of course it's all incredible and outside my ability, but the thing that stands in contrast to my abilities the most is the speed and agility of his ring and pinky fingers.


My Dupuytren's isn't helping. Seems to be affecting the ring fingers of both hands but I haven't noticed degradation of my playing ability of my right hand yet. Left hand is getting to be pretty noticeable. I can't fully flatten my palm anymore without really forcing it by pressing it down with my weight.



Acoustic/Electric stringed instruments ranging from 4 to 230 strings, hammered, picked, fingered, slapped, and plucked. Analog and Digital Electronic instruments, reeds, and throat/mouth.

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